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Full-Service Rental Property Design Packages

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Wow Your Guests & Stand Out From The Crowd.

The perfect white glove option for real estate investors and property managers who want to maximize their rental income.

Our Rental Property Design Packages help you:

According to some recent statistics by similarweb.com, the average person visits just under 14 (13.79) pages when they visit Airbnb. That means that your listing needs to be in the top 14 most attention grabbing cover photos on the Airbnb search page in your area.

Create & Promote
Beautiful Spaces

Our white-glove packages include professional photos to showcase your spaces fully. Your property will be booked or leased in no time.

Outfit Your
Entire Property

We help you create memorable experiences for guests by supplying your property with everything they’ll need for an outstanding stay.

Quality, Durable

We have access to high-quality, durable furnishings, plus replacement items, that are not only comfortable and stylish, but designed to be durable, easy to clean, and functional.

Make More From Your

With eye-catching, functional spaces, you’ll attract more guests at a higher rate, plus get more 5-star reviews to maximize your income.

Focus On What

You Do Best

And Let Us Do The Rest.

We get your space ready for guests quickly so you can maximize your ROI and start searching for your next great opportunity.

Our all-inclusive investment property packages are perfect for Airbnb and VRBO hosts, real estate investors, and businesses because they include:

Functional, beautifully designed spaces that attract the best guests & tenants.

Unique, quality furniture, artwork, and decor for every room in your home.

Bedding and luxury household goods (from linens to brooms to cutlery).

Professional photography to help market your listing(s).

Easy, quick access to replacement furnishings when needed (because damage happens!).

Comprehensive inventory lists for security & tax purposes.

Find Inspiration For

Your Property

Our Packages



High quality, name brand furniture

Cohesive design scheme

Pillow-top & luxury mattresses

Solid wood frames

Top performance fabrics

Highest thread count sheets

Plush, wool area rugs

Custom & one of a kind art

Reclining & motion furniture

Sleeper sofas



Trending & name brand furniture

Cohesive design scheme

Pillow-top mattresses

Solid wood frames

Performance fabrics

High thread count sheets

Plush, wool area rugs

Framed & custom artwork

Reclining furniture

Sleeper sofas



Stylish, affordable furnishings

Cohesive design scheme

Spring mattresses

Solid wood & wood veneer finishes

Stain-resistant fabrics

Low pile, durable area rugs

Canvas & framed artwork

Our Process

How We Transform Your Space


Fill Out A Rental Property Design Inquiry

Get in touch to talk about your property, goals & select your design package.


We Stage & Style The Entire Property

Once all of your pieces have arrived, we’ll get them installed within days.


List & Book Your Property At Higher Rates

Attract the best guests & get more 5-star reviews.

Get The Most Out Of 

Your Property

What Past Clients Say About Our Partnership

“Mickler & Co is an excellent company to work with. Rebecca is extremely knowledgeable about the design trends of today. She is also very connected with merchants and got me the best price on furniture and décor. The short-term rental property she decorated for me including furniture, is so awesome that every traveling nurse who has stayed there has called me to tell me how beautiful my home is. “

Janie W., Real Estate Investor Wilmington, NC

“The home Rebecca decorated for me is stunning! When my family walked in, their comments were, Oh my gosh! This looks like it could be on the front of Architectural Design Magazine!””

Tony F., Entrepreneur NC

“While working in a temporary position I stayed in a home that was decorated by Mickler and Co. I was so impressed that I asked if I could buy the area rug in one of the bedrooms. The home is beautiful, and the furniture is very high quality!”

Priscilla, Traveling Nurse, Atlanta, GA

“I love what Rebecca did with the design of my home. It looks like a show place! The rental home design package cost was very reasonable, and she chose the furniture and décor. I let her run with it and stayed out of the decision-making process. I am so glad I did. I will certainly use her expertise and services again!”

Kimberly S. Myrtle Beach, SC

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Rental Property Design Packages

How long will it take to transform my property from empty to guest-ready?

Each property is unique, but after you select the design style you’d like to see in your property and purchase your package, we’ll place orders and before you know it, we’ll call you to schedule your staging day. A standard 3 bedroom full home package, from initial design to staging day is 4-6 weeks.

How much input do I need to have in the design and shopping process?

You don’t need to do anything beyond choosing your design style. If you have specific things you want to have included or a themed style you want us to follow, we’d love to hear about it. We select all items for the home based on the design style you selected, budget and item availability so you can sit back and focus on the work you do best, while we take care of the rest.

Will the items you select be durable and long-lasting?

Yes! We’re very intentional about selecting high-quality decor and furnishings that can stand up to years of consistent guests and are easy for professionals to clean. For example, we only choose rugs that are easy to vacuum, duvets that are easy to launder, and couches that will last through years of (sometimes rough) use. We will recommend you invest in higher quality finishes on heavy use furnishings like performance, stain resistant fabrics on sofas to extend the life of your furnishings.

How will our partnership help me maximize my investment property income?

First, we get your property ready to list much faster than you can on your own because we source one-of-a-kind, in stock items to reduce costly downtime. 

Secondly, our talented team of interior designers  will make your home look magazine cover worthy and  ensure  your property stands out from the competition. We also include  professional photography as part of your package so you have stunning images to use to attract the most discerning guests who are willing to pay higher nightly rates for an elevated experience. 

Also, we understand how people use their space, so we fill your property with intentional, useful items that enhance your guest’s experience. We think through every detail of your property and address it in the design in useful ways, like USB ports in the nightstands or bed frames that reach the floor to avoid lost items. Those extra touches help you wow guests and earn more 5-star reviews. 


Can I see what you're planning to use before you stage?

Yes and no. We create a furnishings plan based on the home layout, design style selected by you and target demographic. You do get to select the general “look” or style, approve any accents (like feature walls or one of a kind items) but the final selections will be made by our team based on budget, item availability & style.

Our website portfolio shows a wide variety of our previous properties we’d staged & designed if you’d like to take a peek! https://micklerco.com/projects/

    What if I don't like the items selected for the home? Or if it's not my style?

    We know renting/hosting a home can be a challenging transition, especially one you’ve previously lived in. Our approach is purely objective (not personal) and is meant to cast the widest net possible for potential tenants by using neutral, appealing decor that creates an inviting, memorable experience for your guests. We have 15+ years of design & staging experience and have an amazing portfolio of work to show for it. Staging is a marketing technique, not a custom interior design service and we’ve had spectacular results with our properties. Keep in mind the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Even if you don’t like the style of a particular item, we know you’ll love the reviews & results your properties bring!

    What if something breaks, gets damaged or is stolen?

    Well, it’s not a WHAT, but a WHEN. At some point, this will happen (in addition to normal wear & tear). That’s just the nature of furnished rental properties. Tenants & guests are HARD on properties they don’t own. We provide you with an itemized list of your property’s inventory that includes item pricing. When the time comes for you to purchase a replacement, let us know and we can recommend something & install for you.

      What's the return policy on furnishings & decor?

      All sales are final. If an item can be returned to a retail storefront (ex. you want a different coffee maker than the one installed), and the item is new and unused, we may consider a return, less any hourly fees incurred by our team, on a case by case basis. We will, of course, honor any manufacturer’s warranty due to damage or defect discovered after installation.

        Still have questions? Get in touch!

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