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3D Rendering - Bedroom

online interior design

3D Rendering - Kitchen

Online interior design services allow you to work with Mickler & Co. (yay!) remotely, whether you’re local to Wilmington, NC or not. We offer gold & silver online interior design packages, to fit a variety of design needs & budgets.

Depending on the service you select packages include 3D model images of your room, to-scale furniture layoutsinspiration boards, detailed shopping lists and custom installation guides to equip you with everything you’ll need to purchase and install great looking rooms on your timeline and budget.

We offer an 8 Step Online Design Process that starts with an initial phone call or Zoom meeting and ends with a beautifully designed room, reflecting your personal design style! Read more about the process below!

Our 8 Step Online Interior Design Process

Project Initiation Phase
STEP 1   New Client Meeting with Mickler & Co. Team
STEP 2   Contract Review, Retainer & Project Commencement

Research, Design & Presentation Phase
STEP 3   Client Homework: Style Assessment, Photos & Measurements
STEP 4   Design: Creation of 3D Model, Inspiration Board and Shopping List
STEP 5   Online Interior Design Presentation: Visual Display of Furnishings

Project Implementation Phase
STEP 6   Client Reviews Project Details
STEP 7   Design Review & Revisions
STEP 8   Design Implementation: Client Purchase, Installation & Styling

Is Online Interior Design For Me?

Possibly?? 🙂 Online Interior Design is perfect for clients who:

  • Want a custom design plan & shopping list they can implement themselves
  • Don’t need or want anyone else to make final decisions on furnishings or purchases for them
  • Like the flexibility that retail shopping provides such as shipping directly to a residence and the ability to return items for refunds or store credit (not options with full service interior design)
  • Enjoy shopping & decorating themselves but need help coming up with an overall design scheme & furniture layout
  • Love to find savings in doing leg work, like initial room measurements and shopping & installation