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Comprehensive design services to reveal your home’s true potential. Your home is uniquely yours – and your interior decor should reflect that.

Our goal as a design team is to help you identify and define your personal interior design style – not follow our own ‘signature style’.

Don’t let the fear of being misunderstood by a designer keep you from creating your dream space.  Every home has potential and our design services will find yours.

We’re dedicated to bringing your vision for your home to life.

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We create spaces for you that look amazing and enhance your life.

Our strong background in architecture and home design means we can go beyond aesthetics and understand how you live, how you function in your environment, and the impact that your home’s layout has on your day-to-day life and well being.

We prioritize communication. You’ll start with a design assessment so we can understand your tastes and needs and bring the vision to life.

Our design services range from a simple design consultation on paint colors, to new builds and full renovations. We work with real estate investors who want to maximize their returns, as well as sellers and real estate agents to get the most out of the home sale.

Meet Rebecca Mickler,
Owner & Designer

Rebecca’s design experience is unique in that she started with a degree in architecture, working in a commercial firm, transitioned to home staging, and now melds all of the experience together with interior design. It’s rare to find an interior designer with a background in architecture. Why does this matter? When working with a contractor and the different trades, projects run much smoother when everyone can speak the same language.

Rebecca’s Experience

Bachelors Degree in Architecture from Texas A&M, 2001

7 years of experience in residential and commercial architecture

20 years designing and staging homes and offices

Founded A Space To Call Home in 2013, which rebranded to Mickler & Co.

Fun Facts About Rebecca



Abstract art

Clients who trust me
Bird & owl decor
Faux plants



Rogue chives on a dish but called “garnish” (see onions)

Meet Christa Mitchell, Designer

A creative person through and through, Christa always found herself making art and creating from a young age. Her passion led her to getting her Interior Design degree.

Christa embraces color in her design approach, often incorporating accent pieces into her spaces. A true color enthusiast, she even often changes the color of her hair!

Plants are her favorite way to bring life to any space, with her own home becoming somewhat of a miniature jungle.

Interior design is the ultimate form of self expression for Christa. She strives to help others express their individuality through design.

Christa’s Experience

Degree in Interior Design from Cape Fear Community College, 2020

Owner of Petal & Peduncle Plant Place, 2021

Fun Facts About Christa


Live plants

Onions (all kinds)
Pets (all kinds)
Making Rebecca try vegetarian restaurants


Foamy beer

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“Moved into a new build that was ready to be decorated. I needed paint, window treatments, rugs, bedding and a few bits and bobs. Rebecca showed me options as well as her professional opinion when requested. Easy to work with and this was only my first visit. I’m excited for this decorating journey!”


“I’d heard about Rebecca from several friends and was a bit jealous they had the chance to work with her as I live out of state. Once I found out she does online interior design, I reached out right away. No surprise here, but she was AMAZING to work with, and I absolutely love what she came up with. It’s so amazing working with someone who’s so talented, but also hilarious and so approachable.”


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