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Define YOUR Style & Love Your Home.

Making design decisions can be challenging. With help from our designers, your project can move forward with ease. We’ll meet you at your home, discuss the project and help you make decisions so you’re making progress, and enjoying it.

Choose Paint Colors & Interior Finishes

Whether you’re struggling to pick a floor stain, or can’t decide on a backsplash, we’ll assist you in making intentional design decisions.

Solve Your Design Dilemma

We’ll help you make the decisions that have been holding you back. Paint, stain, tile, placement – we’ll help you move your project forward. You can feel confident that you’ve made the right choice.

End The Buy-And-Return Cycle

A comprehensive design plan is the answer to this common decorating problem.

Avoid wasting hours searching for pieces that ultimately won’t suit your space: we can help you define your style and guide you through your options.

Upgrade Your DIY Skills

Take your DIY and home makeovers to the next level with advice and guidance from our team of experienced designers.

We’ll help you make selections and improvements that look deliberate and professional, so you can be proud of your efforts.

Schedule A Design Consultation
in Wilmington or Leland
Schedule A Design Consultation
in Hampstead or Southport


Schedule A Design Consultation

Arrange a meeting with your personal interior designer either in your home or in-store.


Goals Set, Decisions Made

We’ll complete an in-person walkthrough of your space, establish your goals and make decisions. We’ll leave you with an outline of your next-steps.


Design Strategy In Place

Bring your vision to life by executing our expert design plan. By the end of our time together, you’ll have the strategy you need to complete your project.

Is A Design Consultation The Right Service For You?

60-minutes working with our designers, discussing your specific design questions and challenges.

Professional recommendations that may include (but aren’t limited to):

Help choosing paint colors

Flooring, countertop, & backsplash selections

Home improvements

How to improve for resale

Room decorating ideas

Furniture layout

Artwork placement

Recommendations for size & style of new furniture

You’ll receive a design plan at the end of your consultation with clear next-steps.

How To Solve Your

Design Dilemma

Navigate Your Design Journey With The Help Of Talented Design Professionals

Schedule A Design Consultation
in Wilmington or Leland
Schedule A Design Consultation
in Hampstead or Southport

Eliminate Uncertainty.

Get Clarity & Move Forward

Here’s What Our Satisfied Design Consultation Clients Have To Say

“Working with Rebecca is a joy! Her eye for design is amazing as well as her contagious personality and commitment to quality work. I highly recommend working with Mickler & Co!”


“Rebecca was wonderful to work with! I’m very indecisive when it comes to picking out paint colors. She made suggestions and we narrowed it down to a color I really like and would’ve never picked out without guidance, all within an hour. I’m excited to work with her on future projects!”


“Rebecca did a great job, she listened closely to what I wanted, my issues with my space, and she helped me stay in my budget. Everyone says how nice my room looks. I would definitely use her again.”


Frequently Asked Questions

About Design Consultations

What should I do before the design consultation?

Make your list of priorities. To get as much accomplished in an hour, it’s important to be as prepared as possible. As you’re setting up your consultation, we’ll ask a bunch of questions that will help us prepare for your consultation.

How long do consultations last?

We offer a 60-min or 120-min design consultation.

How can I be sure we cover everything I want to ask?

It’s incredibly helpful to make a list of topics you want to discuss during our meeting. It’s even more helpful if you send that list to us via email before your scheduled consultation, or include the list on the intake form when you schedule your appointment. That way we can arrive armed with the tools and a general idea of what you want to accomplish during our meeting.

If we finish the consultation early, do I get a credit for the remaining time?

No, the consultation may last up to 60 min or 120 min, but there is no minimum requirement on time. If we help solve your challenge in 30 min, we are happy to discuss other areas of your home that need improvement.

Is a Design Consultation the same as the New Client Meeting?

No. The Design Consultation is a stand-alone design brainstorming session. We recommend scheduling Design Consultations for specific, identifiable design challenges, like help picking paint colors or deciding between 2 backsplash options. New Client Meetings are always 120 min and are for full service interior design clients. These include time not only to meet and discuss the scope of your interior design project, but also to measure and photograph your space. Scheduling a Design Consultation in lieu of the New Client Meeting will result in the need for an additional site visit to return and measure & photograph your space.

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Schedule A Design Consultation
in Wilmington or Leland
Schedule A Design Consultation
in Hampstead or Southport