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Interior Design Dilemma:

Do You Know What You Love When You See A Gorgeous Interior Design But Struggle To Pull It Together?

Maybe you saw something you loved in a magazine or on a TV show and thought it would great in yours..but then you began buying pieces here and there and it felt (and looked) totally different than the magazine? Does your Pinterest interior design board make you dizzy when you scroll down? Yep, it might be time for a little help! Designing your home can be tough, ESPECIALLY when you’re doing it alone!!

I’ve painted a pretty grim picture haven’t I? But never fear, I’ve got a cure for what’s ailing you! An in home interior design consultation has been shown as an effective treatment for IDAP..interior design analysis paralysis (otherwise known as over-thinking). Side effects of working with me, an experienced interior designer, to move your home design forward may include:

  • Pride & confidence when welcoming guests into your home
  • Sense of calm and well being that comes with the right furniture & decor for your home
  • Ability to pursue other hobbies & tasks now that furnishing & decorating is (finally) done
  • Freedom from hiding when your spouse walks by “the room” and inquires about the finish date

Interior Design Solution:

What You’ll Get at Your In Home Interior Design Consultation:

  • 60 Min. to discuss whatever challenges you’re facing in as many rooms as time allows (up to 60min.)
  • Professional recommendations that may include (but aren’t limited to)
    • New Home Design Ideas
    • Help Picking Paint Colors
    • Flooring Selections (such as carpet, tile or hardwood)
    • Countertop & Backsplash Selections
    • Home Improvements (Where To Invest and How To Improve Resale)
    • Room Decorating Ideas
    • Home Decor Recommendations
    • Furniture Layout & Artwork Placement
    • Recommendations for New Furniture
    • To-Do List or Shopping List To Finish Off A Room
    • Yours To Keep Personal Design Consultation Worksheet, listing highlights of our meeting & outlining next steps, places to shop, sizes to look for etc. (I will also recommend you take notes b/c I’ve been know to talk a lot :-))
    • Peace of mind knowing you finally have a solid design plan for your home
rebecca mickler interior design consultation