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home stager wilmington, nc

Home Staging
Wilmington, NC

We offer vacant home staging in Wilmington NC & surrounding areas to homeowners, real estate agents, short term rental hosts & builders looking to elevate their property’s online & in-person appearance, sale price & rental rates. If your goal is to earn as much money possible through the sale or rental of your home, you’re in the right place!


Our home staging packages include:

  • On site property previews & comprehensive home prep checklists & upgrade recommendations to get your home in tip top shape before staging day
  • Expert staging plans, customized to your home, to highlight your home’s features and minimize flaws
  • Designer selected, neutral furnishings sure to cast the widest nest possible for potential buyers, tenants & renters
  • Staging services complete in 1 day (usually 4-6 hours)
  • Fully insured staging & moving crew
  • Professional photos to use in marketing
  • Coordination with essential trades like:
    • Real estate agents
    • Trades & Sub-contractors 
    • Cleaners 
  • Inventory insurance on each staged property (no need for contents insurance)
  • Detailed inventory lists for tax purposes (for rentals & model homes)

Our Home Staging Process


Five Steps To Sold

Step 1

Schedule A Property Preview

Step 2

Get Your Quote & Home Prep Checklist

Step 3

Sign Staging Contract & Get Scheduled

Step 4

Staging & Photography Days

Step 5

List & Sell!

Why We’re Different

Mickler & Co. Design Studio has worked with realtors, builders, real estate investors and homeowners since 2013 with OUTSTANDING staging results. On average, our staged properties are under contract in less than 10 days and for 97% listing price. We are priced competitively and offer outstanding service and value that includes:

  • Staging completed in less than one day
  • Month to month rental terms (no minimums)
  • Daily rental extension rates available after first 30 days, once the property is under contract & scheduled to close
  • Professional photography for marketing purposes (included)
  • Professional cleaning services scheduled for you (cleaning fees apply)
  • Fully insured staging crew and movers
  • Inventory insurance on each staged property (no need for contents insurance)
  • Designer hand-picked, neutral furniture and decor sure to appeal to a broad audience
  • Social media blast on all our platforms once listing is live
  • Multiple property discounts for agents, builders & real estate investors
  • 10+ years of experience in architectural design, interior design and real estate. We know what sells and how to appeal to your buyers!
What That Means For You

Staging ROI (Return On Investment)
Staging earns real returns on your dollar in the form of:

  • More Showings & Better Online Presence
  • Higher Offers and/or Multiple Offers
  • Fewer Days On Market (Carrying Costs)
  • Less Stress After Closing (Move-Out & Move-In Ready)
  • Tax Deductions 
home stager wilmington

Over 500K, Sold in 13 Days, 99% List

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Q. Does staging cost a lot?

A. No, no and no! Staging is the best investment you can make in your home when preparing it for sale! Our average staging services range from 1-2% of the home’s value. Staging often pays for itself multiple times over in the form of more showings, higher offers and less time on market. You know what does cost a lot? Price reductions. Staging a home is ALWAYS less than your first price reduction.

Q. The market is so hot right now! Why would I bother staging my home?

A. Staging will bring TOP DOLLAR for your home, even in a seller’s market. Often times staged properties enjoy perks like 1-5% higher offers (or even multiple offers) compared to their un-staged neighbors. You wouldn’t try to sell a car for full price without having it waxed and detailed would you? Of course not! Buyers are willing to pay for a turn-key, move-in ready property that they connect with. Why leave money on the table?

Q. Do I have to stage the entire house? Can I just stage a few rooms?

A. Staging the entire house is not necessary. Our Bronze staging package always includes the 5 main rooms (living, dining, kitchen, master bedroom, master bath). Additional rooms and selling features, like an amazing back porch or a challenging flex-space, will be recommended on a per property basis. We don’t offer partial stagings (anything less than 5 main rooms) as we have found the combination of those 5 rooms brings the best results.

Q. How much time do you need to get me on your schedule?

A. 5-7 days notice is typically what we need to schedule your stage. During peak spring and summer seasons, we may need up to 14 days. We book stagings quickly and often so if you’re interested in staging with us, we highly recommend you schedule a Property Preview to get you on our books!

Q. What is the Property Preview & Home Prep Checklist for?

A. The Property Preview & Home Prep Checklist is $249 for vacant properties and is a chance for our team to see the property in person, make note of any repairs, updates or upgrades we may recommend to get your home in tip top shape before staging day. We will make recommendations ranging from neutralizing paint colors, replacing outdated light fixtures to what types of shrubs to plant out front. It’s a chance to have your home objectively picked apart (in the nicest way possible) so you can address any objections a buyer may have BEFORE they make an offer. The $249 checklist fee may be credited towards any staging package.

Schedule your Wilmington Preview HERE
Schedule your Topsail/Southport Preview HERE

Q. Can I send you current listing photos to get a quote?

A. Yes, while we certainly prefer to see the home in person first and know how much our sellers benefit from a second set of eyes on the property to identify any issues, we will give a staging quote based on current photos. However, we reserve the right to revise the quote as necessary if the home’s condition or size is different than what is presented to us. Our Property Preview & Home Prep Checklist fee ($249) is credited towards any staging package and we always recommend you start there for the best results!