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Turning Potential Into Reality

Showcase Your Home’s

True Potential

Give buyers an insight into what their future home could feel like. We take care of the finer details of making your space feel welcoming and comfortable, so anyone can feel right at home.

Highlight what makes your property special with the help of our expert home staging team to attract higher bids and get what your home’s worth.

Attract Your Buyers Online

97% of buyers search online before going to visit any properties. Capture their attention with our staged & professionally photographed homes that trend on Zillow, Trulia & Realtor.com.

Staging For Higher Offers

Get more showings while targeting your ideal buyers with beautifully staged and curated spaces, showing your property’s true potential.

Less Days On

In 2022, 99% of our staged properties were under contract in under 20 days. Choosing to stage with us means you’ll have the peace of mind that your home has been given every opportunity to shine.

Close Faster, With Less Repairs

Staging helps buyers focus on the best features of your home. They overlook trivial repairs when they see the true possibilities of a property. We do a comprehensive home-prep checklist before the home is listed.

Showcase Your

Property’s True Value

Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of attention from the professionals to make your property shine brightest.

Don’t make unnecessary upgrades. Let our staging experts make the cost effective recommendations that we know will help the property sell. Staging is often enough, saving time and money by avoiding upgrades.

With our home staging services, you’ll enjoy:

Comprehensive Home Prep Checklist: We’ll walk through your house as a potential buyer and make recommendations for necessary repairs and potential upgrades, so that your property is in top-notch, turn-key condition on day 1 of listing.

Quicker results: Our staging services are completed in 1 day or less.

Professional photos: Promote your incredible results online with our professionally-shot photos.

Protection: Fully insured crew and detailed inventory lists for insurance and peace of mind.

Strategic Staging

We’ve found that the combination of living, dining & master bedroom along with the kitchen & bath produce the biggest return on your staging investment.

Considered Turning Your Home

Into An Investment Property?

Not quite ready to sell? Why not turn your home into an investment property for short-term rental?

Our comprehensive furnishing and styling service will transform your home to attract short-term stays.

Learn About Our
Rental Property Design Services

Results That Speak For Themselves

99% Of Our Home Staging Projects Have Been Under Contract Within 20 Days

Over $500K, Sold in 13 Days, At 99% Of List Price

Sold in 1 Day, At
100% Of List Price

Sold in 8 Days, At 100% Of List Price

We’ve found that the cost of staging is ALWAYS less than a price reduction.

Wilmington’s Only Staging

With A Guarantee

If you stage every room we recommend, we’ll guarantee that if it doesn’t sell in the initial rental term, we’ll waive the monthly rental fees until it sells.

Set The Stage

For Your Buyers

The Staged To Sell Process

Get Your Home Staged, Photographed And Listed In Record Time


Schedule A Property Preview

Get in touch to discuss your project and get our recommendations on how to get top dollar for your home.


Book Your Staging & Photography Days

The staging & photography process is completed within 3-days so you can have your photos in-hand and property listed quickly.


List Your Property & Watch It Sell Quickly

Get ready for showings! Watch the offers come in as your home is staged to sell.

Make A Worthwhile

Investment In Your Home

What Our Past Clients Say About Our Staging Service

“Rebecca and her crew are the epitome of professionalism both in design planning for remodeling and staging to sell a home. In the last year they’ve staged 2 homes for us and both were under contract within a week. The photos included in the staging are professionally done which makes them stand out in the MLS.”


Rebecca and her team were awesome to work with! Beautiful home staging and great ideas for renovating. Perfect!


“Mickler & Co is phenomenal! Rebecca’s design work in staging my clients’ homes as well as her talent for transforming a space from drab to fab is second to none. She is great to work with and I feel as a Realtor, her work has helped to sell my listings faster. I would highly recommend Rebecca to other Realtors and clients who are looking to turn their homes into a stunning space that meets their needs.”


Frequently Asked Questions

About Home Staging

Is staging expensive and just for luxury properties?

No! Staging is the best investment you can make in your home when preparing it for sale. Our average staging package is less than 1% of the home’s value. Staging often pays for itself multiple times over in the form of more showings, higher offers, and less time on market. You know what does cost a lot? Price reductions. Staging a home is ALWAYS less than your first price reduction.

Why would I bother staging my home in a seller’s market?

Staging will bring TOP DOLLAR for your home, regardless of the market conditions. Staged properties often enjoy perks like 1-5% higher offers (or even multiple offers) compared to their un-staged neighbors. Buyers are willing to pay more for a turn-key, move-in-ready property that they connect with.

Do I have to stage the entire house or can I just stage a few rooms?
Staging the entire house is not necessary. Our Bronze staging package always includes the 3 main rooms plus kitchen & owner’s bath (living, dining, owner’s bedroom). Additional rooms and selling features, like an amazing back porch or a challenging flex space will be recommended on a per-property basis. We don’t offer partial stagings (anything less than 3 main rooms) as we have found the combination of those 3 rooms brings the best results.
How much time do you need to get me on your schedule?
We ask for 5-7 days’ notice to schedule your staging. During peak spring and summer seasons, that time may increase to 14 days. We book stagings quickly and often so if you’re interested in staging with us, we highly recommend you schedule a Property Preview to get you on our books!
Can I send you current listing photos to get a quote?
While we certainly prefer to see the home in person first during our Property Preview, we will give a staging quote based on current photos. However, we reserve the right to revise the quote as necessary if the home’s condition or size is different from what is presented to us. Since our Property Preview ($249-$349) can be credited towards any staging package, we always recommend you start there for the best result.
What happens during a Property Preview?

The Property Preview ranges between $249-$349 (depending on location) for vacant properties and is a chance for our team to see the property in person and make note of any repairs, updates, or upgrades we may recommend to get your home in tip-top shape before staging day. Once we’ve had a chance to preview your property, we’ll send you a comprehensive Home Prep Checklist. We make recommendations ranging from neutralizing paint colors or replacing outdated light fixtures to what types of shrubs to plant out front. It’s a chance to strategize with a professional stager before putting your home on the market so you can address any objections a buyer may have BEFORE they make an offer. The Property Preview fee may be credited towards any staging package.

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Will you sell the staging furniture with the home?
Absolutely! We often have sellers and buyers alike ask to purchase individual pieces or entire homes full of furniture! We can send a comprehensive list of all inventory in the home with pricing via email. Just ask!
Do you furnish AirBnb's & rental properties?

You bet we do! We know Wilmington and the surrounding beaches are a destination spot! We also know how tough it can be to furnish a great looking house quickly. We offer whole home rental property design for investors, short-term rental hosts, and 2nd/3rd/4th property owners. From furniture to bed linens to coffee makers, we will set up an entire property for you. All you need to bring is a suitcase and a smile! Click HERE to learn more about our all-inclusive rental property design solutions.

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